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We recommend these tours to people who have already visited Prague, who are acquainted with its main monuments and who would like to gain deeper knowledge of the city.

As part of the tours we will visit less frequented monuments, including those that are not usually open to the public. These are mainly palace interiors or tours around extensive Prague gardens.  The tours are mostly 2 to 3 hours long, and they include interiors that are located close to each other or that in some way are connected with each other.

Just like the introductory tours it is also possible to join these tours into all-day tours or combine them with other tours, as well as with other services, which are listed under “Products.”

As the tours are exclusive and demanding it is necessary to make a binding reservation. If a tour of an interior that has already been booked on account of a client’s request is cancelled late, it may be necessary to pay a cancellation fee.